Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Tip Fer Thems Working On Loremaster

Hydra been pesterings me fer how I been working on it, so's she can report back ta her gnome posse. Is not the only way, but here be how I's figgerin' out where ta quest.

First is, I created an account with WoWHead. Is free and straightforward.

Thing the Second is, I installed the WowHead client. Is a program but also includes an add-on what keeps track of who ya kill, what ya loot, where ya loot it, recipes ya know, and most importantlies, what quests ya done. Stores it all in a database, so as it can report back ta the mother ship laters. Has Mac and PC versions, so's yer covered no matters yer religion or sexual preferences. Unless yer like Pike, and is inta penguins.

Looks like this when is running:

See that button what says upload? Yeah, ya hits that and it done packages up yer data ta wowhead through that there series of tubes. Or ya can check the menu fer automatic uploadings every time yer done adventuring. Is yer choice. Now, ya can logs in ta wowhead and goes ta yer character page and ya gets a list of yer team members. Fer examples, here be Team Ratshag. Click on yer name, then the quests tab, and ya gets sumthin' like this:

Now, fer some details, pick a continent - say, Kalimdor - and then pick a zone - say, Ashenvale. It'll shows ya what quests you's done. Kinda like this:

Then, ya clicks on the tab what sez "Incomplete" and it shows what quests ya ain't done completed yet. Thems ya cain't do, 'cause they's fer the other faction or fer shammies er whatevers, they gets filtered out (mostly). So is a reasonable list of what ya can do. Like this:

So, that be what I's workin on in me spare time. And how I's goin' about doin' it.


Esti said...

Excellent tip - thanks! Have passed it on to my guild.

Softi said...

Oooh I may have a look at this, cheers for the tip! :)

Xerian said...

Personally, I'd prefer Everyquest

Thing is, wowhead client is good and everything, but you have to logout everytime to get it updated.

Everyquest is live updated. You can filter what quests should be shown (mostly the ones you can still do, have abandoned or failed), you can ignore quests (quests which you don't want to to because they're a real timesink like AQ-Opening).

In essence it's wowhead integrated in the game. There's another addon which works together with Everyquest to possibly show you, if the quest in particular counts for Loremaster (assuming there are people who contributed data about the quest)

Anonymous said...

much easier way: download Everyquest. Let it query the server, import the results. Open Everyquest, see list of all quests in any zone, color-coded as to whether you've done them or not.

(additionally, get Loremaster, it'll put a note to each quest as to whether it counts towards Loremaster, and get TomTom and Lightheaded for easy navigation and quest help ingame)

Anonymous said...

Everyquest, Lightheaded, and TomTom is all you need to achieve Loremaster.

Anea said...

Thanks for sharing this in an IC style! It was fun to read (and I support the use of Wowhead!)

Anonymous said...

This saved my life, after a year of seeing my quests in Hellfire being stranded on 89/90 quests, it felt really nice to finally be able to get the achivement. :D